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Lace Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Landmark

Le 3 November 2015, 05:08 dans Humeurs 0

  That night, all the guests to the venue and Shanghai lace bridesmaid dress fashion landmark - the Bund 22, celebrating the stunning opening AOLISHAImperial Shanghai store. Located AOLISHA Imperial 1 floor, tastefully decorated, beautifully furnished, this building was given to Swire Pacific office centenary building add more romance and fashion. 

With immediate effect, Mr. Borella Zuozhen will personally provide for the Chinese fashion long chiffon bridesmaid dress design bride, customized distinguished service. For over 30 years, Mr. Borella has focused on wedding dress and evening dress designs, he led the design and production team according to the bride's taste, personality, figure, taking into account factors such as wearing occasions, combined with the international trend, meticulously create a unique, perfect personal high quality wedding dress, so that each piece becomes art, unique and exclusive Gorgeous Ruched Ivory Tulle Mermaid Wedding Gown Sheer Neckline the bride.

Wedding custom made prom dresses with film style

Le 28 October 2015, 03:19 dans Humeurs 0

I believe you have a movie plot is touched, the male and female adventure, brave love story, each part exciting. So why not put them all moved into your wedding custom made prom dressesthen? Shared creative wedding took today, "The Notebook," "Harry Potter" and other classic movie scene have moved into a reality, a dream in reality Course it anyway!

"The Notebook" (The Notebook)

Seen the movie people will love to play the hero and heroine of the story and moved, especially playing in the water scene that is entirely the classic of classics!

"Harry - Potter" (Harry Potter)

? "Harry - Potter" magician who married in custom made cocktail dresses what looks like a broom matter of course, which fly up feeling amazing.

"Lady and the Tramp" (Lady and the Tramp)

Yes, Disney can also become a source of inspiration for your wedding. Vintage American tone with a sweet feeling, the understanding between the two all emerged.

"The moon rising kingdom" (Moonrise Kingdom)

Summer love story always reverie, the feeling of being surrounded by a large Spaghetti Straps A-line Summer Light Satin and Tulle Wedding Dress lawn, but also to better it?



Good Custom Bridal Gowns Picture

Le 23 October 2015, 03:47 dans Mariage 0

Confidant: first and the other half who talk a good custom bridal gowns picture when the election closed, lest accommodate two people each election unnecessary photos. And then to determine a good marriage according to the budget, allows you to add photos of the price range, small series to see some new people accidentally add enough money to shoot a couple of photos of wedding photos set, and that it too, plus the amount of general sheet not more than 70% of the original set of lines is fairly acceptable.


Knowing your enemy: we must first understand the actual price plus photos, the price in some stores there is room for haggling, especially when you buy a photo relatively long time, you can ask for a discount, it is recommended by asking former customers to understand the aggressive discounting. Second, understand the clerk mentality. In the Strapless Bridesmaid Dresses selection of films, when the clerk is not uttered a start, next to observe the defense more time to break your mental picture of what you choice uncertain, so offensive. Whatever you delete, until the time is running out, they will launch the offensive. So do not reveal too much of the evaluation of the photos will be easy for the clerk to grab your Strapless A-line Floor Length Lace and Chiffon Informal Wedding Dress preferences.

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